September 29, 2011

Best workshop ever!!

Well I am MIA because I am trying to trying to give my photography workshops all I have to give!! I AM LOVING THEM!! Best thing I have done all year!! I wanted to share some photographs from this week! There is nothing quite as addictive as learning new things and improving your skills! 

And these are straight out of camera!! No editing at all!! I am thoroughly enjoying myself and just had to share!! 

So I hope you are all having a really fantastic week!! I will post some more at the end of the workshop! I will also show some before's and after's!! Take care everyone!! :)


michaela said...

How do you get every time the fire in the eyes of this nice little boy??

I am very much impressed.


theartofpuro said...


henzy said...

Great photographs.. you captured the sparkle in his eye.

Anonymous said...

Amazing SOOCs!! So impressed!