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Hi my name is Cassandra. I used to be a graphic designer and have a real love for creative things! I have studied photography in my spare time for almost 10 years and would now say that it is a big part of my everyday! I love to photograph just about anything and am obsessed with colours and details! Since having my son my photography has grown and I am now also in love with photographing babies, toddlers and families as well as all the other glorious things out there.
I am currently a full time mom and I move around a lot! But I enjoy everything that I do and I love to learn!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope that you have enjoyed your visit here and will return soon! Above there are links to my website and my contact details if you fancy looking around a bit more!

Here is the most amazing photography forum that I thoroughly enjoy being a part of and has helped me grow over the past year and would highly recommend:

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