November 12, 2011


So yeah I know I have been MIA yet again!!!
We have moved house - I am thrilled the new place is really great!! 
We have also been away (twice!) and its just been crazy - good but crazy!!! 
I have some great wildlife photos to share soon from our big holiday but I am still busy editing them at the moment. I had such an amazing time and am really missing it now! 
As you can imagine with everything that is going on at the moment there is a lot to catch up on! 
My poor little man is also very confused about where he lives now - shame!! 

But I did first want to share with you some of the photos of my mom's new jewellery stock. I deserve extra brownie points here as I took these with me to South Africa and edited them while on holiday :) I don't mind though cause its for my mom and of course mom is always special hey!!

The best thing (but maybe worst for my wallet) about getting to photograph these pieces for my mom is getting to see them first hand - I have fallen in love with loads of them and am sure that I will buying a few myself!! I cannot resist!! 

Anyway here are some of my favourites! 

Ok now I know that there are loads here and in my defence it was really hard to choose. I have 120 pieces to choose from!!! They are gorgeous pieces though hey! Its so hard not to want to just buy them all - but its better to share :) 
Anyway if you want to check out more then you can find them here:
or also check my mom's main site:

So hopefully next week I will get to share some pictures from my holiday as well as some from the workshops that I finished before I left! 
I hope you are all really well and thanks for popping by!! :)
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theartofpuro said...


Yvonne said...

Such pretty jewelry and product photography. Off to check out her shop!

Kara Layfield said...

Gorgeous jewlery! Can't wait to see images from your holiday!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Cassandra what are trying to do girl??? Kill me??? Oh my Lordy! How fabulous is all this BLING, BLING!!! Be still my heart is all so very yummy indeed! Great work. How can you stand it all??? Thanks for the tease he he he he! Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Yippppppppy! This is such wonderful news so food is always on your mind ayy? I was the same way. Wendy's chili with cheese was my weakness and then it was collard greens straight through to the end. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you win. Have a great rest of the week.

Sissy Sparrows said...

wowsers! your mum has so many beautiful pieces there am a bit jealous.