September 17, 2011

my favourite little face!

I am so very biased about this little face! 

This was from a trip to the park in the middle of summer! Lots of light and lots of bokeh!
Unfortunately this little man is now not feeling so well and is stuck in bed trying to sleep and get better! So my weekend is all about him this weekend cause there is nothing as sad as an ill little boy! I miss his smile and his gorgeous giggle!

On a lighter note though I have started a project I am calling ---Project 24--- (you will find it on its own page in my header). There are 24 weeks before my little bundle is due to make an appearance so I thought I would do a mini project 52 until then! I figure I will be so busy after that I better take advantage of the time I have now haha!! 

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henzy said...

Oh hope your little guy feels better soon. xoxo

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Isn't he just the little man and playmate?? How sweet and very playful. I love this SOOOOOO much!!! What fantastic work. It's awesome I tell you.
Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such a sweet message. I so appreciate you taking time to do so.
Have a great week.

Janet illustrator said...

Sorry that your little man is unwell, wishing him a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT bloody BELIEVE it!!!!!!! Talk about keeping a secret!

Congratulations! Kate and the gang :)