August 17, 2011


Hi there!! I do so wish I could blog more! When I get more time I will be sure to start doing some more in-depth stuff such as before and afters and a few tutorials etc!

It is scorching here at the moment and my house fills with sun from about midday onwards! Its just way too hot! Of course this is making me lazy haha but I have to remind myself to use the summer because before you know it it will be cold again and I am not a cold weather person! 

So today myself and the little man went for a walk in our nearby village! Its a great village I always enjoy going there and it was surprisingly busy today too!

My son had to take his Mr Bean teddy with him, apparently he needed a walk! I cannot believe how obsessed my little dude is with Mr Bean its crazy and I have watched all the episodes more times than I wish to remember! But it makes him laugh! 

This was my favourite shot of him and his teddy today! 

Where ever you are I hope you are having a great day and enjoying some sunshine! :)

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Janet illustrator said...

Beautiful! We are in winter still here so its nice to read of warm sunny rooms, we have some noce days but some really chilly ones too, and getting up early in the morning is very cold most days. I liek the crisp freshness of it though I must say.
Im looking forward to your tutorials as well as more photos :-)