August 25, 2011

A trip through time!

Well I have given up my illustration degree! It was a tough decision but I was just not managing it, there are not enough hours in the week and I felt like I was missing out too much on family time! So after a month of having a little extra time on my hands I decided to:

1: Go back through all of the photographs of my son since he was born and edit them and print them and arrange them into albums (still in progress Ill post pictures of the finished product!) you don't even want to know how many pictures that is! 
2: Move house - yes you saw right - apparently having extra time gave me some time to realise what it is that is bugging me so much - my house is very unchild friendly! - so this is also a work in progress at the moment! 
3: Take on some photography workshops to help me improve - apparently I am just addicted to learning!

So if I recap - I gave up my degree (its on resting just incase) to give myself more time which I have somehow within a month managed to fill with other stuff!! Oh well! I always say its better to be busy than bored! - Its a good thing too otherwise I might drive myself crazy! :) 

But I did however want to share with you some of the cool and funny photographs of my son that I have found while doing my project number 1. If there are any of you that are also guilty of not printing your pictures I would highly recommend doing a little project like this it was great fun!! And I have to thank Clickinmoms and LaceyMeyers tutorial for the kick up the bum I needed in order to start!

ps: the quality of most of them are crap and I have learnt a lot over the last three years that I wish I had known when he was born! But we live and learn and learn and learn and learn and learn!! They are still cool memories!
Also I have tried to add pictures that haven't been on my blog in previous posts.

He was such a cute quiet little man! And don't babies just look so peaceful when they are asleep:

A big long stretch, it is so cute just to watch:

And then the little man got a little chubby haha - this, for me anyway, just made him even more cute:

There are so many gorgeous things about babies and capturing little bits here and there is magical: 

watching them sleep without the fear of them waking up:

Next came weaning - I had no idea what a mess this would be! I did become a bit obsessed with this and bought every Annabel Karmel cookbook I could get my hands on haha! This is about the time I started to put weight back on again - ummmmh I wonder why!

I found a awful lot of photographs of the little lad eating! The only reason I can see for this is that I was either amazed by the fact that he ate my food or its the only time he ever was in one place for very long! Come to think of it I have a good couple of hundred pictures of him and ice cream recently!

Of course I also came across a few that just made me laugh! Little ones are so full of character! 

His daddy would really like him to love sports - I have my doubts:

He may have had a bit too much exposure to my camera!

It hard to believe its over 3 years later! My tiny little baby is now a gorgeous little dude! I think the mischief has grown with him!

I have had my camera for many years and when I first started taking photographs I never thought that I would ever take pictures of people, least of all babies and children! I have studied the art of photography and landscape photography and do a lot of product and still life photography, which I love. Sadly though after my bundle of mischief was born I even bought a compact camera to take around with me as I found it too difficult to carry all the small baby stuff as well as my big camera! So as soon as I picked up my proper camera again it has been like a light turning on! And I now practise on every family and friend that will let me! I plan on practising and learning as much as I can now and I know that I will enjoy every minute of it!

Thank you so much for popping by my blog! It was great having you here!


Melissa M. said...

I so need to get caught up on my albums too!

Tamara Henderson said...


Janet illustrator said...

Such beautiful images Cassandra, its lovely to look back as well as forward, they grow so fast don't they!
I see little babies now and wonder 'could Angelina ever have been that small?' and of course she was... :-)
Do you ever illustrate these days cassandra?

Sissy Sparrows said...

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your beautiful photos....I am not talented in that area but your amazing photos always inspire me to want to create such images....I mean I try to!

Cassandra said...

Thanks ladies for such lovely comments! I really really appreciate them!! Thank you so much!

Mrs. Fun said...

These are beautiful photos. I love that you picked up your camera again.You need a Kelly Moore bag, it can be a camera bag and baby bag ;)

Janet illustrator said...

Hi Cassandra... I must have had my head in my butt when I asked about illustration, its right there in your post... I dont remember reading it... Never mind, on reading it and seeing it today I just wanted to say when the time is right you will go back to it, it took me a long time to pursue my illustration passion and its funny, it just kind of seems it come when it was meant to. I have to say, in relation to your photography, I thought you were a professional photographer who was just experimenting and trying new things. Your work is lovely, I have always admired it and I see you with an amazing career there. You work caputres an 'essence', not just an image.
All the best, I hope that your new home is everything you need. :-)