June 16, 2011

Rain Delay

We had a few days a while ago when it did nothing but rain. So the little lad and I bummed around the house and I complained constantly about the fact that we were bored and didn't know what to do when it was wet out! I can whine as good as the little lad sometimes :)

Well one of my friends asked me why I didn't just go out in the rain with dinky and the camera! Well I couldn't believe this had never crossed my mind! When I was a kid I loved to play in the rain and I loved being in the swimming pool when it rained and I loved making boats out of leaves and sailing them in the puddles etc etc oh I could go on and on and on! So all that wasted time where we could have been out getting wet and mucky!! Being an adult can be so boring sometimes!

So off we went! Now our road is a building site at the moment so a lot of muddle puddles but also a huge hill of sand to play with is just sitting up the road around the corner!

So now today is scorching hot and I cannot think of anything to do in the heat ha ha but if it rains I know exactly where we are heading! :)

Off we go! Umbrellas ready!

Yeah sand here I come!

Time to get dirty!

Do you want some mommy?

Ready to move again!

No that way!

OOOOh puddles

Time to go home :(

And thats the end of another mini adventure!! Until next time!


Ashley Sisk said...

These are so much fun - looks like you guys had a blast. And thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Your photos are gorgeous and I'm about to go through a little more of them. Love it!

Sissy Sparrows said...

Now my little guy would be up for that! He would get into just as much mischief. Only he would have his favourite aeroplane wellies on. Amazing photos as usual!!!

theartofpuro said...

These new photos are great:)And get dirty is the best thing to do when you are young:)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are such a great storyteller! This such a wonderful story told with pictures. Great story. I just love it. FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for stopping by.
Best to you.

Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

I absolutely adore the one at the puddle, I can just see him contemplating what it might be like to jump in , or maybe whether he can do it before mum says "noooo", they are all great but that one and the launch at the sand hill are priceless

Lacey said...

This adventure just shouts "boy!"