June 20, 2011

From rain to sunshine - that means beach!

Well this is a bit of a jump - the last post was about the rain and that quickly disappeared and out came the sun again! So that mean't day trip!! Yippie!! 
So we have decided that since we will be staying put for a little longer we have to make the most of our surroundings and try to see as much as possible! So we decided to go up the coast for the day. Thankfully I was prepared for the beach - so unlike me as I normally am missing something important like sunscreen - not great to leave that at home with a 3 year old!
Of course I did forget something though - swimming gear and shorts for myself! 

So while the hubbie and the little lad splashed around in the gorgeous sea water I sat on the beach melting! At least I had my camera :)  

The beach dude!!


Cute in blue.

With daddy! I love this one! It's not a perfect photo but I love the moment!

Such a boy pose!

I have no idea what he is doing here!



Shouting at the sea! Seriously there was nothing else out there! haha!


michaela said...

he is really cute... nice pictures.


Ashley Sisk said...

These pictures really crack me up - he has all kinds of personality, doesn't he?!

Tamara Henderson said...

Your son is so adorable and a little model. Your photographs are really great.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Ladies for your sweet comments! It's great to be back blogging again! And Ashley - yes I think he has more personality everyday and gosh what a handful!!

theartofpuro said...

So cute!And what better then a sea day:)

Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

Your photography is lovely, as always, Cassandra, I particulary love these action shots and your son is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful :-)

Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

PS nice to have you back blogging again