May 7, 2011


Just a quick one today as I am working away on the course work and should really be concentrating on nothing else! But these are so addictive!

This weeks great photograph is contributed by photographer Susan Keller.

Here is the original:

So 1st I converted the image to DNG so that I could play with it in camera raw. Here I changed the exposure and the clarity.
I then opened it in photoshop, cropped the image.
I then blurred the background a little bit more. 
I changed colour to a kodak 160VC to create better skin tones. I did this using a photoshop plugin.

I then decided that I would prefer the image in black and white so I used a florabella b/w blush action on the image. I then unmasked his eyes which are gorgeous and remind me of the saying - the eyes are the window to the soul!

I then played with eyes further. I was practising some stuff I have been learning recently through a great book about retouching images.

I then added a texture to the image and removed that from the face. And that's it really! He is a gorgeous subject to work with and it was great fun!!

My edit:

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amy said...

oooo tough decision... i think i like option 1 or 2 if it's supposed to be for a large series of books. they all look so good!