May 7, 2011

Course work book covers

Well it is getting close to deadline time and I thought I would post my book cover options for the course on my blog and see if anyone has any advice or recommendations!!

We had to design two book covers, but the catch is that it really has to be a template for a series of classical novels - all different subjects, genres etc etc

So the books that I chose are 'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran' and The Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekov.

Here is my 1st and favourite option: 

My second option:


My third option:

The fourth option: (YEAH THERE'S MORE HA HA)

And lastly my fifth option:

So a BIG thanks to anyone who stops by and takes the time to look through them all and tell me what you think or recommend!


Alana Gillett said...

I love them all! I like the simplicity of the first two choices, but the third choice with the ship and ocean picture is fantastic. I love the fourth and fifth options too. Sorry I can't be more constructive!

Lindsay said...

The fifth options really caught my attention. On the first for The Prophet and the third for The Cherry Orchard, there isn't enough contrast between part of the text and the background. On the fourth for The Prophet, it doesn't seem quite right having the word "by" in the block to the right of the author's name. Reading left to right, it seems something is missing. I like the image on option three of The Prophet, but the green text doesn't quite seem to fit. I like the choice of font, though.

I hope this helps! I found you through Twitter, btw. :)

Lindsay said...

P.S. I meant the fifth caught my attention in a good way. :) I like them a lot!

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much for your imput ladies!!! You have been a great help! Deadline is Friday and I think I'm ready for it!

theartofpuro said...

Great work!They are all great but the fifth option is the one I love the most:)