April 8, 2011

My first iheartfaces Fit-it-Friday!

Original Image
(kindly contributed by Angie Arthur Photography)

My Converted version of the photograph

And this is what I did:

Firstly converted to DNG and tweeked the settings in camera raw.
Then I cropped the image.
Then I added a bokeh effect to the outside of the image.
I then converted it to a polaroid film effect through a plugin in Photoshop.
I also then added a gradient overlay to give a bit more depth. Oh and lastly did a whole load of cloning to the background! And I think that was it!!! I hope you like it!!


Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

I like it :-) I think its very ethereal and you've kept the girl sharp and standing out.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Janet!!!