April 15, 2011

iheartfaces Fit-it-Friday!!

I am loving these Fix-it-Fridays!! They are so much fun!!

This week we have another gorgeous photograph contributed by photographer Amy Locurto.
You couldn't ask for a cuter subject!!

As soon as I saw this picture it gave me a vintage feel. I did two different edits, firstly I always change my photographs into DNG files so that I can play with the exposure and clarity in camera raw.

For my first edit I cropped the image to straighten her face slightly. I then used a vintage summer action which gave it a nice summer feeling, I tweaked the settings within the action until I was happy with it, then I brightened the eyes. I also then added a vintage texture to the photograph and removed the texture from her face. I also sharpened the image a little and added a bit more contrast. That is as much as I can remember really!! I love playing around so much that its hard to keep track of what I did!! It is great fun to experiment but I can never repeat it cause I loose track ha ha!! Its all great fun though!!

For the second edit, I did a much tighter crop. I then used a photoshop action that gave the photograph a much lighter softer feeling. I then brighten the eyes again. And also added 2 different textures on top of each other, one warm and one cool, and then removed the texture from her face.

Well I hope you like the edits! She is such a gorgeous little girl and Amy Locurto took such a gorgeous photograph of her it was a pleasure to play with it!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

original image

Edit one

Edit two


Tammy said...

Love how you warmed this image up and really made it "pop" :) Good example of turning a good photograph into a great one!

Brit said...

Amazing edit! Love that pop!

CrystalL said...

Great edits, you brought the image to life!

Kelly R said...

Love seeing edits from the original. You made it really pop with color. :)

Krista Lund said...

i heart i heart faces :)
your edits are great!

Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

These look fantastic Cassandra, I love them both. I love the old worldy look of the first one but they both rock!

amy said...

love how you brought out her eyes even more in the tight crop! (i'm such a sucker for before/afters-- love!)