November 24, 2011


So this seems to be what it has come too! When I pick up my camera I get 'no mommy no picture' - in a very stern tone of voice or I get silly faces! It will be very interesting to see what he does when his baby sister comes along and I want to take pictures haha! 

I realise that the focus isn't great on most of these but I love them anyway! 

Apparently it hurts making too many silly faces for the camera!!
This little man really does make me smile everyday!

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Anika said...

looks like a very fun shoot!

Susie and Andrew Hugill said...

Love all the pics ! Looks as though you had a wonderful time. Our little monkey is growing up so fast and I really love the pictures of the new baby. All wonderful xx Mom :)

Fantastic pictures. Brings back lots of memories. Hope one day we can all do it together xxx AJ