July 25, 2011

Angels flying

I had the privilege of getting to know this gorgeous little blonde angel over the past year and have thoroughly enjoyed taking some photographs of her. My son and her get on great and they are a pleasure to watch when they are playing together! My son even told her that he loves her and always tries to give her kisses - very cute!! He obviously has good taste! Her mom is a good friend of mine and I will be very sad to say goodbye to them when they leave this week. They are moving back home! I know that this will be a great time for them and they will enjoy getting back to their home and friends but I will miss them greatly! Moving around as much as I do does have its advantages and disadvantages but the hardest part is saying goodbye to friends! The one thing I have noticed over the years though is, if you make good friends oceans and continents won't stand in your way of always somehow seeing each other again! 

So I am sharing some of the photographs of this gorgeous blonde angel, I had a really hard time choosing which ones!! And they are a mix of colour and black and white. The next time I see this little lady I am sure she will be a lot bigger but just as gorgeous!!! I will miss you two!! 

Is this not the most gorgeous little face!

Such an innocent face!

This was my favourite shot of the whole day!

I'm just having a good time! What kid doesn't like sand hey!!

So lovely ladies!! It has been a pleasure to have so much time with you and I wish you all the best for the move and the future developments ;) I look forward to meeting up with you again soon!! Wherever that may be!

And for everyone else that comes along my blog and has a look around around I really hope that you enjoy the photographs and that this posting will hopefully make you phone a friend and just say hi as they really are amazing!! 


michaela said...

Oh I love your fotos!!! they are so cute!!!


michaela said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I will try to help your "rusty" German... I have decided to write in both languages...

Anthony Holden said...

wonderful photos.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You my Dear! Are such a storyteller! Awesomeness I tell you!!! This is so very beautifully photographed. I just love her little face. How sweet! Great work.
Best to you.

Sissy Sparrows said...

Such talent...you are truly gifted! I have to say that the first two photos are breath taking.

theartofpuro said...

She's adorable!You did great photos:)

Tamara Henderson said...

She is so cute!! I love your photography!

Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

Oh these are exquisite Cassandra, you capture so much, the essence of your models in your photos