May 21, 2011

My new Epiphanie Bag!!!!!!

I am so so happy to write about my newest purchase - the Epiphanie Clover Camera Bag! It came last week in the post - much much quicker than I had expected! And I am thrilled! I though I would tell a bit about the bag as when I was looking into buying the bag I looked at as many reviews and blog posts about the bag as I could find! This helped me to make my decision on which one I wanted to buy, so I thought I would return the favour and post some details and photos about my newest favourite bag!

Firstly it was way way bigger than I had expected, which was my own fault as it never once crossed my mind even though it can carry a 15 inch laptop as well as all my camera equipment! But after about an hour I realised that although it is BIG I love it!!

So here are some pictures:

The arrival:
It arrives well packaged in a box and sealed in plastic, inside the bag has its own bag (green one here that matches the inside of the bag), this has a zip and is great to have to keep the bag safe when not in use.

The bag itself and the size: 
I have tried to get the colour as close to the actual colour as possible. The second picture here is closer to the actual colour. I have also included a picture with a 1.5litre bottle of water next to the bag so you can get some sort of idea of the size.

The inside of the bag:
You cannot believe how great the insides are, they are very well padded and I feel so happy carrying my gear in it because it feels so secure! I manage to carry 3 lenses and the camera and a laptop and my wallet, keys, phone, extra nappies (always handy for extra padding too) and a notebook and pens in it! So yeah it takes loads!!!!! I don't carry all this stuff most of the time though because it is very heavy but it will be great for travelling, on a day to day basis I carry much less.

I have also added some photographs of the details of the bag. I think it is very well made and it feels very sturdy and secure.

My final photograph is of the bag on it's first outing!! I couldn't help myself :)

Now for the moment when I have to take the rose tinted glasses off and tell you the things that I was not that impressed with. Yeah I hate to have to say anything negative but sometimes you just have too. Luckily there is nothing too bad. Firstly when the bag arrived a had to pay more, this was for the duty on the bag! So this really put the price of the bag up a lot, this was a hidden cost I had no idea about. Luckily I had the money on me.
The second thing is, I have had the bag for less than a week now and it has already got 2 scratches. I hadn't realised that it would mark as easily as it did and while carrying my toddler it scratched on a door. I was very very upset and my poor husband has had to put up with me sulking about it for the rest of the day.

But that is it nothing else bad to say!!!! The bag is brilliant and I love it (even with its new scratch). I would thoroughly recommend it if you like to carry your camera with you everywhere you go! If you don't need to carry a laptop you can go for one of the smaller bags but this bag is smashing!

I hope that if you find this blogpost when looking up the bags and trying to make a decision and that it helps you! Happy shooting everyone!!! And thank you Maile Wilson for my new beautiful bag!


Janet illustrator said...

They should pay you for this post Cassandra, the photos are lovely.
PS I hope you recieved my (belated :-V) email

theartofpuro said...

Great photos and bag:)

- Jessi - said...

Really liking that bag!