October 8, 2010

course update

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a good weekend wherever you are in the big wide world!!!

Well the first week of my new illustration course is over!!! So that only means one thing - next week the pooh really hits the fan! I actually don't really know what to expect at all!! Would love to hear any advice anyone has? I think we are starting off with the importance of typography! 

Still its going to be great I just know it! I am at the moment trying out loads of different mediums and mixing them together etc. It's great fun just to experiment I feel like a kid again! 

I have just seen Illustration Fridays new theme - Transportation. http://www.illustrationfriday.com.  I am thoroughly looking forward to that I really enjoyed it last week and its get practise to get the old brain working!!


Kate said...

So does it pressure you if I check 2 or 3 times a day looking for your Illustration Friday :)

inkspot said...

ha ha yes!!! but it's good keep that pressure on!!! I was doing a bit of it at 3 am this morning cause i was on flood control!!!